How Long Does Shopify SEO Take to Work?

When starting a new Shopify search engine optimisation (SEO) campaign on a Shopify website, a common question we are asked is how long will it take to see the site on the front page of Google?

If you have a strong SEO strategy in place involving all of the following (and more):

Keyword Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Backlink Building (from quality sources)
Content Writing & Publication
On-site changes (in particular rewriting meta page titles and descriptions)
Off-site press release publication and other off-site SEO work

You should start to see your Shopify website moving up the search results within 3-4 weeks of the SEO work starting, don’t expect to dominate page one at this point, but things should be on the up.

If you keep up the work, the site should start to build trust, authority and momentum with Google and you will find that the results will keep on improving, by the second and third month you should have good coverage on page one, on the back of this you should start to receive more visitors to the site and more enquiries and new business.

Of course SEO isn’t an exact science and there are many variables involved with each individual campaign, three of the most crucial elements to make sure you win more new business from being found online are:

Keywords – Make sure you are optimising for the right phrases, the ones that your prospective new clients are likely to type into Google.
Competition – Who else is on page one for your keywords, what can you learn from them? What are they doing better?
Shopify Conversions – Your website needs to be appealing to your visitors to ensure the best chances of getting conversions (leads/sales/enquiries), make sure you have strong “calls to action” and your visitors feel like they are “in the right place”.

Why not kick off your Shopify SEO strategy with a HTML sitemap page. It's a great way to present the structure of your website not only to Google but also to your customers.