How Often To Add New Content To My Shopify Store?

We are regularly asked “how often should new content be added to a website for SEO purposes?”, the answer is simple and it’s the same with just about every Shopify website….as often as possible!

With recent changes to the Google Algorithm it is more important than ever before to ensure regular, new and unique content is added to your website as often as possible, adding new Shopify blog articles and Shopify blog news items will increase the trust of the website in the eyes of the search engines and over time this will cause the site to be viewed by the search engines as a true “authority” in it’s own field, gaining more authority is vital to achieve great results at the top of the search engine rankings.

Unfortunately, many business Shopify website owners owners often find they are too busy to write new content on a regular basis, many also struggle with the creative side of putting together a good quality article, and subsequently the website fails to gain, or even drops in authority levels and competitors who have an effective search engine optimisation strategy in place move up the search engine rankings.

There is a solution, companies like Total SEO & Marketing Ltd are one of the only SEO companies in the UK who create and publish unique copywritten articles for their clients at no extra cost, this saves business owners having to worry about writing new content and also means they can be confident new articles and news items will be properly optimised to ensure maximum exposure in the search engines.

As well as writing and publishing new articles to the businesses own website they also spread articles across the internet via press release portals and news agencies, the buzz from the new articles generates new visitors to the website, resulting in more enquiries and more ultimately business and new sales.

When combined with other SEO activities such as link building, HTML Sitemap page generation,  on-site changes and other optimisation work, the power of new content can be immense and make a huge difference in terms of where the site appears in the search engine results.

These days, good search engine optimisation is all about gaining trust and making the search engines realise your website is a true authority that deserves to be put in front of searchers looking online for your product or service.