How to SEO Your Shopify Website

We are often asked questions about how to achieve great results at the top of the search engines by people wanting advice about how to Shopify SEO your website, SEO requires a lot of effort, time and hard work and sometimes an element of luck is also involved.

If you are looking to find out how to SEO your Shopify website, the team at Sitemap Generator have put together some of the top SEO tips below:

1) Write Great Page Titles & Descriptions – Great page titles and page descriptions can make a big difference when it comes to where your website is ranked by search engines, get these right and you can be on the way to achieving great results.

2) Focus on Your Keywords – Decide on the keywords you want to appear at the top of Google for, when deciding on the best phrases to optimise for, make sure you use the Google Keyword Tool to ensure the keywords you have chosen get a decent amount of searches. Once you have put together a keyword list you need to make sure the phrases are mentioned throughout the site, if the keywords aren’t on the site you will have hardly any chance of appearing in the search results for them, one word of warning, don’t pack your pages full of the same keywords, this can have a negative impact.

3) Content, Content, Content – Google gives authority to sites who add regular, unique content, if you want to stay ahead of your competitors, make sure you have a news area on your website (ideally a blog, Shopify has a great blogging feature) and post new articles to it as often as possible.

4) Build New Links – Building new links is important, especially if you can get new, one-way links from sites that are related to the product or service you offer. Many people don’t know where to start when it comes to building new links to their website, but it can be a fairly easy process, take the time to research the websites that may present a link opportunity for you and approach them by phone or e-mail to request a link, make sure you have something to offer in return for the link, such as a discount, promotional code or some kind of benefit to make it worth the website owner linking to you. Don't forget internal links, it's best practice to have a Shopify sitemap HTML page

5) A few no, no’s – Don’t have flash pages (search engines can’t read Flash), don’t duplicate content and don’t hide content or keywords. Above all, when you are writing content and thinking about how to SEO your Shopify website, make sure you create everything with real visitors in mind, not for search engines.

These are just a few tips on how to SEO your website, there are many more SEO techniques and ideas that can help get your website to the top of the search engines.