Page Load Speed Impacts Shopify SEO

In recent months Google has been taking into account page load speeds as one of the (many) important factors within the organic search results algorithm.

Google has now announced a new service called Page Load Speed, which promises to speed up Shopify website page load times by up to 60%. From the information supplied by Google it seems clear that Shopify pages that load quicker will have the edge over their slower loading competitors.

Page Load Speed works by fetching content from the website’s server, rewriting the pages and applying web performance best practices before serving the Shopify pages to visitors via the Google servers around the world.

Currently Google is offering a limited number of webmasters the opportunity to try Page Load Speed, before rolling the service out to everyone, it appears that Page Load Speed will be a paid service, but with it being clear that it will have an impact on SEO there will be no shortage of webmasters looking to sign up.

The advice from us at Shopify HTML Sitemap Page Generator is get involved with Page Load Speed sooner rather than later if you are serious about your Shopify SEO and where your site appears in the organic search engine results.